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Protect Your Financial Security Through Fair Property Division In Your Divorce

If you are like most people approaching divorce, the fact that your marriage is breaking up may feel like a failure or the end of the world. In fact, it is more like a fork in the road along your life’s journey. Property division is an essential part of your divorce. A knowledgeable family law attorney can help you understand the legal processes and the best ways to protect your interests.

At the law firm of Susan Levy Eisenberg, P.C., you will find the insightful, compassionate counsel you seek as you prepare to divide assets with your spouse. Attorney Susan Levy Eisenberg will explain how to keep divorce settlement negotiations as amicable as possible and legal fees as low as possible.

What Property Division Is And Is Not About

With Susan’s 30-plus years of experience on your side, you can discover practical, peaceful ways to divide assets such as:

  • Your marital home and any other real estate that you own
  • Your and your spouse’s vehicles, bank accounts and other personal property
  • Business assets, stocks and other investments
  • Retirement plans, pensions and other assets payable in the future

When emotions are raw, you may believe that property division is a path for punishing your spouse for bad behavior that led to your divorce. A family law judge is not likely to agree, especially because Pennsylvania is a no-fault jurisdiction. The smartest thing can be to complete the divorce process as efficiently as you can with as little conflict as possible to save time and money. This philosophy can help you move along to the next chapter of your life thoughtfully and efficiently.

Get Ready To Divide Assets In Your Bucks County Divorce

Acknowledging that divorce and other family law issues can be emotionally draining, Susan believes in clear communication to ease some of the stress. If you are a client of Susan Levy Eisenberg, P.C., you will be copied on emails and otherwise kept in the loop throughout your case.

Discover the benefits of working with an understanding, empathetic and skilled family law attorney throughout property division negotiations – and if necessary, litigation in a high-asset divorce. Call (215) 860-9700 or send an email message to get the dialogue started.