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A Steady Guide Through The Challenges Of Divorce

At Susan Levy Eisenberg, P.C., we know that divorce isn’t easy, but we also know how to make the legal process go as smoothly as possible given the circumstances of your case. Our attorney has more than 30 years of family law experience. She has extensive knowledge of Pennsylvania family law and has helped hundreds of people find a resolution to their divorce.

Susan Levy Eisenberg is a savvy negotiator and skilled litigator. She can help you negotiate with the other party, which usually yields results without the need for a trial. In some cases, though, the other party refuses to negotiate. This is when attorney Eisenberg’s litigation skills are critical. She knows when and how to litigate a divorce, and will fiercely protect your rights at trial.

Property Division, Support And Custody Are The Main Elements Of A Divorce

The equitable division of property is an important process in a divorce. We will look at the marital assets and debts and work to settle this issue in a way that is fair to each party. Our lawyer has experience with marital estates that have very few assets to complex estates with assets such as businesses, multiple homes, stocks, pensions and more. Accurately valuing and dividing the marital estate is vital to your financial well-being in the future.

Spousal support, alimony and child support are also crucial to your and your children’s financial stability after divorce. In Pennsylvania, spousal support provides the lower-earning party with temporary financial support during the divorce, depending on their needs. Alimony is paid to the other spouse after the divorce is final. It is not automatically granted; rather it is based on need and whether the receiving spouse may become self-sufficient over time. The length and amount of alimony varies with each case.

Child support is the right of the child, but is often highly contested. Typically, the amount is determined by a statutory calculator, but you will still want to protect your rights. In some cases, the amount may be higher or lower than the calculation, depending on the financial circumstances of the parents.

One of the most emotional parts of a divorce is matters involving children. Our attorney understands your concerns and will work diligently to protect your time with your children. Generally, the best solution is to negotiate the parenting plan with the other parent. This helps to ease the tension and make the process smoother. If, however, negotiations are not productive, we will take the case to court.

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